Healing with Every Heartbeat

Aug 31, 20200 comments

A few years ago I found myself at a crossroads. I was in a place where I could take two different paths . If I’m honest I chose the road that felt the best at the time. I believed it was healing me and that I deserved the space to be myself. The problem is I wasn’t really being myself, at least not the best version. I was angry (rightfully so) I was hurting and trying to navigate through some serious mental anguish. It took a lot of wrong turns for me to realize the path was not serving my goals for wellness. What’s beautiful I don’t look at this season as a waste. I can see now the lessons. Yes, I should’ve and could’ve made better choices, but now I know so much more about myself. We have to stop beating ourselves up when we aren’t perfect on our healing journey. Everyone is entitled to make a mistake or even screw up royally. Take responsibility and move on knowing you’re better equipped for the journey ahead!  If you’re at a crossroads or maybe even feel you’ve already taken a wrong turn in your life, you’re not alone! There’s hope.

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