Sinking Deep

Aug 31, 20200 comments

I  remember feeling trapped and like I couldn’t breathe. Kind of like a drowning sensation. I also remember the day I felt someone threw me life line and pulled me out of the water. What’s crazy is when I got out of the space of drowning the person  pulling me out was me! I started making choices and moves that sometimes made others uncomfortable but brought me joy. Women and especially moms, we often feel suppressed or oppressed but our true oppressor is usually ourselves. We have unrealistic expectations of ourselves to be everything to everyone. Like we have something to prove. The truth is if you’re not enjoying your life you possess the power to change it. God didn’t place us here to do anything but live. So live chic! If you’re in a space where you feel like you’re drowning in the sea of life, you’re not alone. There’s hope

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