I am enough

Aug 31, 20200 comments

I hear your voice. It’s sounds so much like mine. You’re like darnit I messed that up! I mean like I really screwed this thing called life up. I started too young, I started too old. I went left I should’ve gone right. Maybe you feel like you haven’t reached a certain level of achievement by a certain age, or you feel like you can’t get this mom thing together no matter how hard you try. Can I tell you how many other women like you are walking through a sea of self inflicted disappointment! We do this thing where we expect the most from ourselves, but believe the least in ourselves. I’ve been working hard at being the best me I can, while still being ME! Reminding myself I am the person God created me to be. I’m not someone else. I’m not that mom, wife or friend. I’m the mom, friend, daughter, wife, sister I was made to be. And that Brave Chics is more than enough! If you’re feeling a little down on yourself right now, you’re not alone. There’s Hope!

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