I think you’re crazy….

Apr 18, 20158 comments

As women how often do we feel like we are losing our minds? Rather your day is filled with shuffling kids to and from school and practices, extracurricular activities or working all day in corporate America, or in many cases (including mine) both. Only add keeping house, doing church activities, date nights and yes occasionally sleeping. No matter what we are doing physically, mentally we are doing twice that much. How is it while cooking in my head, I am also doing the budget, planning a kids birthday party, creating an outfit for work, worrying if my three year old’s speech should be clearer by now, stressing over the piece of bread I ate today and how it is not helping my weight loss, and the list goes on and on. This type of mental workout happens all day every day. When my husband lays down he is snoring in 2.5 seconds. When I lay down I plan, I think, I even dream before I go to sleep. Why do I do this? I DON’T KNOW! My brain doesn’t shut off, it’s more like it goes to cruise control. It’s going but I’m not in control of it. So I tell myself maybe I am a little crazy, and that’s okay. My family will have a good meal. My kid will have a memorable birthday. I’ll be cute at work, and more than likely my three year olds speech is just fine. He did tell me quite clearly today that he wants a real T- rex for his birthday, and when I said okay, he plainly stated I was the best mom ever!! In that moment, I fell in love with my crazy.

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  1. Chef Hutson

    Love it! Be blessed beautiful!

    • pam grantham

      My sweet sister I also attend TCS have been there about 7 yrs been saved 35 yrs 8/25/1980
      I hid my lufelong depression thr many ungodly avenues b4 salvation .I know I am 100% saved I love the Lord with every fiber of my being. But now I am on depression anixety pain meds. I missed thus last reign cobference due to surgery. My neurologist says I have a chemical imbalance and wants me to see a shrink for right depression etc meds. The Lord has spoken and confirmed not to go to the world but to HIM. I had been coubselling with Pastoe Kevin but felt ashamed because of length of my salvation. I would love to talk to you are hear your testimony. God bless and gratefully saved. Pam Grantham. 2259398703

    • Laneta

      As Charlie Sheen says, this article is “WNGININ!”

  2. Charlene Coupel

    Awesome woman of God,it can be very overwhelming and frustrating. Thank God he helps you to cope with it,it can become very scary when you can’t even get rest because your heart sounds like its popping out your ear or you start to shake and cant stop thinking you’re catching a heart attack and dying thats all stressful in itself.I know the feeling very well
    Thank you for sharing
    Love you Nikyla

  3. Veleka Anderson Galloway

    Would like to gather more information about the Be Brave movement and maybe also visit one of your church services.

  4. WilliamCah

    Wow, what a quality it is! Because mostly YouTube videos have no pleasant feature, except this is actually a pleasant quality video.

  5. Cheryl Glover

    Awesome story

  6. Kaylie

    I think you’ve just captured the answer pertlcfey


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