Brave & Boujie

Jul 10, 20170 comments

We have been told for years to not believe our own hype, BUT we so easily own any criticism we hear about ourselves. Why? This is not balanced nor is it HEALTHY! Why have we bought a bag of goods that loving ourselves, and believing in ourselves is wrong? Sure, you should not be stuck up or put other people down, but the idea of self love does not go hand in hand with those behaviors.


When you deal with anxiety and depression you live in a land of self doubt far too often. Most of us analyze ourselves and criticize our every move more than we should. I am convinced that women with low self esteem greatly outnumber those that think too highly of themselves. (let’s think) How many times do you hear a friend complaining about their looks, or a mom feeling like she isn’t enough for her kids. Say it with me, “ALL The Time!” Some of the daily symptoms we deal with show up in the form of lack of belief, and seeing ourselves as not valuable.

Know your Worth

We all have something to offer the world and it is a priceless gift. It’s the gift of YOU! You are an amazing creation. Beautiful, Unique, Bold and Stronger than you realize. So YES, be Brave and Boujie. I am proud of the woman I am. I am not perfect, greatly flawed, but I am living every day. I find a way to breathe when life takes my breath away. I find a way to get up when my body is paralyzed by anxiety. I am a warrior everyday. We all deal with stuff daily in different ways, and this makes us brave. I want all of us to feel Brave & Boujie. To live with pride and joy in being who we were uniquely created to be.  I want you to know you are worthy of self love, and if that makes you boujie, then be it Loud and Proud!

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