Life is Happening Now!

Oct 6, 20151 comment

Recently in a conversation with a friend I was reminded of something my mentor told me. She said we can’t keep waiting to live. We wait to finish school, get jobs, get married, make more money, lose weight, have kids, and then we say “I’ll live”. The truth is while we are waiting life is happening. We are often so goal focused that we forget to enjoy the process. The joy of life is often found in the process of getting to a place called there. It’s true, we work hard and achieve more than generations before us these days, but in our achievements have we forgotten to enjoy life. Plainly stated if I am a baker and I focus only on the end product which is the finished cake, I could miss out on the fun of actually creating it.

This behavior is even more common for those of us who struggle with anxiety and depression. (Say Amen)! LOL. We tend to be the ones to host a fabulous party, but miss the whole thing due to worry or business. I have made a conscience effort over the last three years to not let myself get too caught up in details that I miss the moments. Moments in life are precious. They make up our memories.

So friends I encourage you, not to forsake setting goals, or making plans, but also to focus on today. Don’t keep waiting for some future time to live your life. Realize each breath you take is important to God and it should be important to you. No minute in the day is insignificant, but all have value, and purpose. Love the life you’re living now, because the truth is you ARE living right now. No need to be anxious for tomorrow because today has enough life of its’ own. Remember Brave one, don’t let struggles steal your precious moments. Life is happening now. You might as well enjoy it!

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