Self Discovery in Therapy

Aug 31, 20200 comments

Self discovery is always beautiful but at the same time a little scary. Recently I’ve been seeing a new therapist for talk therapy. It’s been amazing. Totally different purpose than seeing my psychiatrist. One of the things we are working on is me enjoying spending time with ME! See, I thought I was good on this area, but quarantine taught me that I actually was not. Truth is I believed I enjoyed solitude and being alone with my thoughts. In actuality I was overwhelmed, over extended and over tired. I was always obligated to some one or some thing, so when I got a moment of solitude I thought I felt content, but what I really felt was relief. I realized when things slowed down I wasn’t ok with just my thoughts and that being alone and in the quiet really made me anxious. I’m learning now great coping skills for this issue, and I’m truly discovering ways to enjoy myself all by myself. How do you really feel when you’re alone? Does your mind wander down into a pit of fearful thoughts? You’re not alone in this. There’s hope!

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