Take a Second Look

Oct 18, 20170 comments

Sometimes we look at life in absolutes. We say things like, “don’t look behind you you’re not going that way.” I get it.  We shouldn’t dwell in the past, but I would like to challenge you to pause sometimes and take a second look. This came to me in one of the simplest moments. I was desperately searching for a certain pair of shoes and I was having no luck. Now if you know anything about me I am notoriously organized in Most areas of my life except for my closet and my mom mobile. Those are the two living spaces that I just let be. These are my no stress zones. You know don’t stress about the shoes piling up in a sea of miss matched pairs or the countless school papers and CRUMBS collecting on the floor of my van. You get the point! So, I’m searching late one night for these shoes and I can’t find them anywhere in the mess that is my closet. I decide to quit and settle for another less perfect pair to match my work outfit for the next day, and I go to bed.

The next morning, I get up not satisfied with the shoe options I can find and I hear a voice say Take a Second Look. I was less frustrated than the night before and much more clear headed. I lifted up one pair of boots and there they were. The perfect shoes for my outfit. Not only that I saw another pair of shoes that I had been looking for in plain sight. (can you say BONUS!) I sat there and thought wow what treasures are we missing because we won’t go back and take a second look.


Are you living less than your Best life because you haven’t taken a second look at dream deferred? Maybe you want to finish a degree, start a business, or try to get healthier. It just may be that this isn’t just the second time you set your eyes on this goal, but maybe it’s the third or fourth. I want you to know that’s okay! For me this time it was looking for a pair of shoes that would perfectly match my outfit. (Which ultimately would lift my mood.) But there have been times when it was trying a second medication to treat my anxiety, or getting a second opinion about a career decision. Your life, your dreams, your health, deserve a second look today.

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