You can change the world

Jul 14, 20161 comment

I’ve heard the saying “change the world one person at a time” many times. It never really struck a chord for me until one day it just clicked. I was running a testing site and I had a young lady break down. I went to see what was wrong and in speaking with her discovered she had diagnosed anxiety. Naturally I shared some coping tips with her. By the time I was walking away she was smiling and back working peacefully.

This moment of course brightened my day. Then I began to think about how sometimes I don’t want to go to work or I feel agitated with the tasks on my job. I clearly felt in my heart ‘oh wow it isn’t about me”. That day my job wasn’t about a check for my income or my title or even years of college and a degree. All of that was just stuff that got me to the destination intended. The time and place where I would help one young lady get through to her next breath.

What if every day we looked at our lives an opportunity to reach a divine destination. One moment in time that would impact another person’s world. I believe brave ones this is how we can touch the world. It really can happen one person at a time. One chance at a time.


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  1. Nona

    The ablitiy to think like that is always a joy to behold


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